Half life. 

Let me kiss your feet today. 

Let me hold your head in my arms and feed you like poison ivy. Let me love you. 

Stroke. Caress. Hold. Kiss. Lick. Beat. Smash. Break. Fall. 

If i had the power of both the worlds, I’d take away your pain. And give you the taste of mine. I’d give you the pain of my longing for you. 

So that you know how it feels to break from within while healing another. That’s how prophets are made. I’d make a prophet out of you. 

Tender. Soft. Subtle. Tender. Pain. Calor. Dolor. Rubor. Stone. 

You will never know my pain. You can’t fathom. You are not here. 

I’d love you like a thousand suns. I’d hold you close and ease your mind. I’d give you peace while I stab my heart. 

You will be free.