Too Random.

Those wretched wretched feelings you get when you are listening to a song that’ll transport you to a time so far gone that you cry from nostalgia and not a day goes by when you don’t wish again and again that clocks may turn and maybe take you to a time that you miss so much that going back and reliving that moment will take away the emptiness that you wallow in now. Not a day goes by when you don’t wish that clocks may turn and you go back to the time – that one scorching moment that took away your innocence, and change what happened then so that you could have preserved your childhood and your innocence a little while longer. And not a day goes by when you don’t wish that those times of loss, regret and nostalgia return so that you could make amends or act a little wisely and save yourself from those heaps of hurt, pain and helplessness that will haunt you for a long long time. All the days of pent up feelings and not saying the right thing at the right time; none of it matters if you had just said how you felt then when you had the chance and let it go. Where is the time when you want some of it for yourself? Where are those people who said they’ll love you forever no matter what? The virtue of people is nothing but broken glass and shattered china when they lie to your face and make a fool out of you. None of it matters really. The only thing that haunts you at all times is the regret of trusting; of turning a blind eye to all the warnings; of loosing innocence too early; of making the mistakes you said you’d never make; of not saying or saying too much. Nothing haunts you more than the lost past and those heartbreaking songs you used to listen to every time you lost someone you loved. As if memories weren’t enough that we had to associate every song with people who are not even here. 

To the pitiless face of love.