If anyone insults you beyond your capacity to endure and asks you to leave that person alone and disappear if you want to, walk away.

If people cheat on you when you were not around, doing exactly the things they had promised they’d never do, walk away.

If people start telling you what you deserve and don’t deserve instead of giving you their best, walk away.

If anyone ever brings you down, sucks the happiness out of you, makes you miserable just because he or she is miserable, you don’t have to suffer so walk away.

If people make fun of your feelings and consider your love, care, affection, support and advice fake, they are not worthy of all of this, just walk away.

People have a way of justifying all their actions and making you out as the only wrong, disgusting, slutty, inferior thing they have ever encountered. They don’t know the tears you cry or the hurt you have been through because of them. They don’t know how it feels to be played with again and again and they will never know the sleepless nights and the nightmares you’ll go through and even if you ever tell them they will never believe you so what’s the point in staying? Walk away.

People who tell you, you are nothing they ever wanted, consider you a burden, can’t stand up for you, can’t even stay by your side when you had stayed by theirs, start giving your place to others when you gave them the highest place and all they do is compare your love with someone else’s stop wasting your time, energy, love, emotions and efforts over them. They are fake. They will treat you like shit this time and will always treat you like shit for every other time so stop wasting yourself over them and walk away without saying anything.

People who can’t understand your silence as hurt, rather take it as “you can live without them” and don’t even consider you worthy enough to keep and make up and ask you to come back like you have always done, such people are only finding reasons to get rid of you. Anything you say will be used against you and will totally go to waste so stop giving explanations like you always did; stop trying to make up with them or beg them or plead your case because all of this means nothing to them. Not one bit. If they don’t make an effort to stay in your life, why should you put in so much and make them stay?

These are the people who are embarrassed of you. They don’t consider you precious enough to tell the world that they belong to you. In reality they want they have nothing to do with you. They are ashamed of you and the worldly opinion of you matters to them way more than your bond. Do yourself a favor and walk away without saying as much as a goodbye.


Walk away and never look back. One day, maybe after months or years or decades God will make them realize your worth and that will be torture enough for them. Or maybe they will never realize it but at least you’ll be okay. At least you’ll learn to live without the constant blows to your self-respect even if your chest is heavy with pain. And that’ll be okay. God has better plans for you.