The waves of ecstasy filled her every pore with each movement they made. She remembered she had never felt so alive before. The mass of sheets that kept them entangled, she didn’t know which body part was her own. She felt as if she’ll burst with the pleasure of it all. And the peace that she held in her heart of him being by her side as the moonlight was pouring itself on the dark night, was over-whelming. The feeling of being merged into one with her lover was what she had always wanted when she had read those romance novels that she used to read eons ago, and imagining each and every touch which at this point couldn’t be compared with the touch that was tingling her soul at that very moment. At this moment she realized her imagination was never this good. And in that moment she became satisfied, complete and a whole when his sweaty body collapsed on top of her. 
He then got up abruptly. “I have to go. My wife will be waiting for me. And i don’t want to be late. The kids never sleep without me.” he said, after grabbing his shirt and throwing a sheet on her nude existence. “I would love to stay though.” He grinned and left.

On the bed, a tear just freed itself from the brim of her eye to scream in the deafening silence.
She got up, wrapped herself in sheets and stood by the window, closed her eyes and said a prayer.



Nothing, Yet..

Who am I, Don’t ask me
I have no name, no identity

I am the pouring rain on thirsty earth
I am the thirsty earth regaining birth

When you watch the falling snow
I am the myriad patterns that glow

And when you take your last breath
I come to thee and steal thine death

I tip-top silently to your dawn
I brighten the stars when they are born

When you sleep in the silent hush
I color the flowers with the pinking blush

You watch the rushing world go by
I blow the breeze with just one sigh

My presence is something you’ll always feel
The wounds you get, I’ll always heal

The beauty I posses, dear heart it kills
Colors of mine, from butterfly on windowsill

Catch your breath that befuddled lay
I stole your heart, scream as you may

So; Who am I, my identity
I am everything, I am ever being
So don’t ask me – don’t ask me.


  • Penned down this poem when I was in 12th grade. I am sure some of you have already read it. Ah the memories.  


You saw him standing there watching you move to the music and sensed that really, something just wasn’t right. You turned your head away grooving to the music, crazy with madness that was enveloping you, seeping into your pores and killing, killing and freeing you from the chains of every physical thing. Your soul was dancing. But there amidst the crowd you still couldn’t shake off the feeling that his eyes were watching you, tormenting you, forcing you to look back and see was he still there and what did he want from you. The gaze was powerful and magnetic and once again while your hands were up in the air, your hair was all over the place and your body that wouldn’t stop, you turned your neck and looked into his direction. There, standing right there; maybe just a little closer than you thought he was staring at you with such strict attention as if there was no music , there were no people, there was nothing but the air between him and you and you knew if he wanted he could hold you, smash you, crush you in one swift move. Shivers ran down your spine, but this time you just couldn’t shift your gaze. Then you saw him moving towards you, you know this won’t end well. Oh no. This won’t end well.

So you let yourself loose and once again drown yourself to the crazy beat. But then just as the music is about to stop, you feel his breath at the back of your neck. His hands on your waist and this time you know he has captured you for good. Trying to release yourself is futile you tell that to yourself; but the crazy thing is, you don’t even try to get out of his clutches. Lost in booze you hold his stare when he moves beside you; just the right amount of here and the right amount of there, swing, sweep, roll, curve and all this time his hands on your waist in such a perfect harmony that you forget there was a thing called effort. You don’t believe in first love, no, you don’t think this is it. Its just a one night thing on one crazy night. Just another man. But somehow you knew even then that he won’t ever let you sleep again. And suddenly you are not so sure of yourself anymore.

The music slows down, you face him now, putting your left hand on his shoulder, and your right to his waist. You can smell the whiskey on his breath; yes you are this close; looking at his lips and thinking if you’ve ever seen better lips than these. The smell of his cologne is overpowering and takes over you, drenches you in sweat and you feel you might faint. But he holds you tight, all this time his eyes never leaving your face, devouring you eating you up. The flesh you are, starts tingling, all these sensations all at once and maybe this, you tell yourself maybe this really is love.



You wake up with a jolt then, on your bed, with a dream that will haunt you for a long long time.