Slaves Of Mind


Who is that?

The shadow of your thoughts

Encroaching upon all my consciousness?

The depth in which i drown you – yes.

Tell me, is there no respite?

The chains are strong, try as you might

I don’t seek to break my bounds
One free breath, that is all i seek
Tell me, is that too much to speak?

To break free there is no choice
Breathe free but why so?
My fetish chains won’t let you go
I own you, don’t you know?

Ah! I know all the more so –
Thats why i seek once
To see life in all its glow
Laughter, fireflies, waves lapping the shore
All that i never was and
All that I will never know
Just once – and then you and me
We’ll gladly go.

All you see, you see through me.
All you feel is what I feel
Your eyes my eyes – my eyes your eyes.
The world is cruel or so it seems
Laugh with me and you’ll never know sorrow
The fiery shades that you try to borrow
Won’t do you good – trust
For i shall protect and if i must
We leave when i say –
You obey

But you see –
There is still a struggling seed inside me
A budding hope, an anticipated fight
A trickle of doubt, a hoarsely bubbling stream
Am i right, am i wrong?
Time will tell or would it be
Too far gone?
Oh i don’t know
Shall we go?


6 thoughts on “Slaves Of Mind

  1. Oh my. This was amazing. Nice flow and rhyming. Loved this line particularly a lot.

    ‘I own you, don’t you know?’

    Keep it up, love.


  2. Yet another amazing poem written by an amazing person. Who surprise me everyday and impress me. I am glad that person finally decided to face sunny light instead of hiding herself in the darkness of sorrows.


  3. very Dark bhai mujhe to light jala kay parhana para :O …

    this is not really my type of work so what I think does not really matter right? 😀 But i think it is well worded and gets the message of meloncholia and helplessness through.


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